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Math for elementary students.

Help every student reach grade-level math milestones.

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Support excellent math education

Students lost grade level math readiness in the last 18th months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to get all our children on grade level math. We would love your support to get all our students on grade level and contribute to students’ long term success. Math achievement explains 60% of students being on track for college readiness.

Making math fun helps get struggling students on track. Erie Elementary individualizes each student’s math learning to ensure they receive the right lesson at the right time for them. Thanks to your support, last year every student accessed our math program called Dreambox designed to make math fun and engaging. Not only does Dreambox strategically increase learning velocity, but it is offered in English and Spanish.

Our Dreambox Math Fund:

  • Makes Math fun and engaging
  • Provides the Dreambox math program to every student
  • Gives 1:1 math support to struggling students
  • Specially designed curriculum that is tailored to student achievement
  • Individualized mathematics programming to reach grade-level milestones

You can contribute to children’s long term success by providing students with the Dreambox math program by donating today.

We envision empowered students that cultivate character, connect to culture, pursue education and contribute to their community in order to thrive in a diverse global society.