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We can support teacher health & wellness. image

We can support teacher health & wellness.

Join me to do something special for teachers, please give today.


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Teacher wellness spaces

Join me in doing something special for Erie teachers. Let’s make a difference in teacher's lives the same way they have made a difference in ours. By supporting our educators' health and well being we are supporting students academic and social-emotional growth. Our teachers are the reason Erie Elementary Charter School students thrive - join me in thanking them!

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me create this special place for teachers.

This year has been particularly challenging for teachers. Our students need more support than ever - social-emotionally & academically. Many teachers are feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and exhausted. Imagine a classroom of 1st graders who have never been to school before because the pandemic prevented them from attending preschool and kindergarten in-person. With COVID-19 sending home multiple students (sometimes up to half of the classroom!), intense state-wide testing and the trauma many students are processing from the aftermath of a pandemic - our students need more support AND more hugs than ever!

Join me in doing SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR TEACHER APPRECIATION to acknowledge the incredible work Erie educators do every day to support our students.

Click here to take a look at our Teacher's Lounge to see where, with your help, this special project will take place.

Inspired by an episode of Queer Eye, my dream is to embody this year's mantra of Gratitude and Growth by creating a calming adult-only space in our Teacher's Lounge. I envision a relaxing space for our teachers right in front of the big window as you walk in that looks out over the trees. I want to make Erie's Teacher's Lounge a space where all our educators feel at home. I am fundraising for:

I know our teachers would be so grateful for a space like this. Support my vision of creating a comfortable space for teachers to enjoy lunch, focus on data, and take breaks to re-charge their energy. Thank you to everyone who supports me to make Erie a second home for everyone!